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Are you looking to build a career in the mining industry? Or are you already working in mining and looking for a career change? No matter what your needs are, Resumes For Dudes will help provide you with the perfect CV.

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As one of the most important sectors in Australia, mining employs a lot of people. And it’s not hard to see why working in the mining industry is such an attractive prospect for so many people: it is well paid and always exciting. However, with so many people trying to find work in the lucrative sector, the job market can be quite competitive. That’s where we come in — the professionals at Resumes For Dudes are the experts in providing CVs that are tailored towards employers in mining.

No matter what kind of previous experience you possess, we’ll know exactly what to include and how to display your skills for maximum appeal. Contact us today to be on your way towards building a career in mining right away!

Leaving mining? We’ve got you covered

Are you looking for a career change? We’ll help you land your dream job in no time! The mistake that many jobseekers make is not realising that their skills and experiences are transferrable, even to sectors that seem completely different. Yet people that have worked in mining are in high demand by employers from industries, with skills that range from project management to expertise in navigating highly complex technology and equipment, and everything in between.

The experts at Resumes For Dudes know exactly what employers in other industries are looking for, so no matter what job you’re going for we’ll optimise your CV and give you advice on what attributes your future employers are looking for.

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